Smart Supervision & Development for Professional Coaches

An evidence-based Personal and Professional Development Programme with Dr Natalie Lancer.



On top of growing your business, as a professional coach you need to participate in ongoing CPD, engage in reflective practice and make sure you are well-resourced for yourself and NOT burning out.

You are likely already spending time (or should be) on the following:

  • Reflecting on your coaching practice in supervision
  • Getting different perspectives on specific cases
  • Untangling ethical dilemmas
  • Learning new skills and techniques
  • Progressing with your formal accreditation as a coach

But what if you could do all this and more

whilst working on your personal development?

Now imagine you have a reflexive and responsive space to consider areas of interest in your learning, which you may want to share professionally.


This is supervision plus - so you can experience that deep shift, just like your clients:

Examining what drives you, your processes, your mission and your USP. 

Learning how to be at your peak mental performance and optimising your emotional state


Making sure you are well-resourced so you can offer the best of yourself to your clients, friends and family

Learning to explore your self, your time, your knowledge acquisition, your planning and processes, your work, your relationships, your motivation and your flow.


Smart Supervision & Development for Professional Coaches is an evidence-based, ten-month Personal and Professional Development Programme.

It’s as much a self-development programme as supervisionthat’s why it’s smart.

Not only will you reflect on your coaching practice, challenges and ethical issues with a group of like-minded coaches, but you will learn to use an advanced existential psychological framework to explore your self, your time, your knowledge acquisition, your planning and processes, your work, your relationships, your motivation and your flow.

You can also choose to do a Personal-Professional Development Project.

This could take the form of a personal reflection of your Smart Supervision & Development journey or writing an article or case study about one of the eight tensions used on yourself or a client. This might end up as something you publish on your LinkedIn, your website or in a peer-reviewed journal. You are welcome to take a more creative approach to the Personal-Professional Development Project.

As part of the Smart Supervision & Development Programme you have two one to one half hour sessions to discuss and edit the Personal-Professional Development Project with Dr Lancer.


A healthy and reflexive coach gets better results for their clients and themselves.

The Smart Supervision for Professional Coaches Programme is accredited by the Association for Coaching and counts as 32 CPD hours.


Qualified Coaches and Coaching Psychologists (any level) and

Coaches and Coaching Psychologists in-training.


All meetings take place on Zoom.

Tuesdays 8am - 9.30am.

Thursdays 7pm-8.30pm.

25th October 2022

15th November 2022

13th December 2022

3rd January 2023

31st January 2023

14th March 2023

18th April 2023

16th May 2023

13th June 2023

11th July 2023

13th October 2022

10th November 2022

8th December 2022

19th January 2023

23rd February 2023

30th March 2023

27th April 2023

25th May 2023

22nd June 2023

6th July 2023

The dates of the two one-to-one sessions will happen at a mutually convenient time within the ten months.

£89 per month for 10 months


£720 if paid in one payment


Your supervisor and facilitator, Dr Natalie Lancer, is an award-winning Chartered Coaching Psychologist, BPS accredited supervisor, the Chair of the Division of Coaching Psychology (British Psychological Society), host of The Coaching Psychology Pod and co-author (with David Clutterbuck) of Techniques for Coaching and Mentoring.

You are welcome to book a 15 minute no-obligation strategy call with me to check this Programme is right for you.