Guts & Goals

Smart Self-Care and Personal Growth for you

An evidence-based Personal and Professional Development Programme with Dr Natalie Lancer.

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  • Do you think you are inefficient with your time?
  • Do you feel guilty when you have 'me' time?
  • Are you frenetically bouncing between work and life stuff, with little time to think about where next?
  • Do you want to increase your confidence so you can follow through on those big dreams?
  • Do you desperately crave momentum and direction?

The Guts & Goals Programme will help you:

  • acquire tools and techniques to take life-changing steps
  • take action as the confident and clear-headed version of you
  • tap into your deep sources of motivation and purpose
  • release yourself from modes of thinking you have outgrown so you can take action
  • gain clarity and a fresh perspective on your life
  • get out of your rut and find energy and resolve to implement short-term decisions, in order to reach long-term goals
  • give the finger to fear of failure


Guts & Goals is an evidence-based, 90 day Personal and Professional Development Programme

Over 90 days, you'll be invited to participate in fortnightly group calls via Zoom in which I will guide you through the Eight Tensions Framework, my evidence-based and existentially informed blueprint for getting out of your own way and really starting to live life without fear of failure.

You will get:

  • A Guts & Goals Roadmap Session with Dr Natalie
  • Lifetime access to online platform with practical videos and exercises
  • Fortnightly Q&A and accountability calls
  • Daily Accountability
  • Additional 1:1 and Online support
  • Guts & Goals Community


Driven and professional people who want to unlock their full potential, get out of their own way and really start living life without fear of failure.


I am your coach and facilitator, an award-winning Chartered Coaching Psychologist, BPS accredited supervisor, the Chair of the Division of Coaching Psychology (British Psychological Society), host of The Coaching Psychology Pod and co-author (with David Clutterbuck) of Techniques for Coaching and Mentoring.
I have published several articles on the Eight Tensions Framework – the core of the Guts & Goals Smart Self-Care Programme.

As a mum of two girls, a wife and a psychologist, I know what it is like to be busy. I have mastered how to be productive and efficient and this is a fundamental skill that I help my clients master too. I have worked with top Universities, such as Cambridge, Durham and London to help their people unlock their full potential and get over fear of failure. I know what it is like to face all the challenges that life throws at you and I've managed to achieve my goals. Now I am on a mission to help you achieve yours.

Please book a 30 minute no-obligation strategy call with me to check this Programme is right for you.