18th October 2023

6pm-7pm (UK Time), 1pm-2pm (EST), 10am-11am (PST)

In this FREE Masterclass, The Stress Coach, Jordan Friedman and Chartered Coaching Psychologist, Dr Natalie Lancer will help you chill and achieve more.

Jordan will teach you these stress and anxiety reducers:

  • Stress Breakdown, a vital strategy for making your tasks less anxiety producing and easier to complete
  • Quick Calm, a breathing exercise to clear the way for more focused and productive workflows
  • Stress GPS, tools that make reaching goals smoother, healthier and more successful
  • Sleep Enhancers that make this critical stress reducer more effective

Natalie will teach you how to:

  • Minimise tension so you can put more energy into your goals.
  • Clear your mental pathway to make doing the work easier and faster
  • Turn anxiety into attention and intentional action
  • Make your leisure time more enjoyable & Strengthen relationships.

This Masterclass is for students, professionals, coaches and others who can benefit from concrete strategies to help themselves and others.


About Us

Jordan Friedman

The Stress Coach

Jordan Friedman is a stress management and wellness education pioneer. For 30 years, he has helped people around the world reduce stress for greater school, work and personal success.

In 2004, he founded The Stress Coach, a New York-based company that produces training programs, ongoing workplace and school wellness initiatives and mobile stress reduction resources. 

Jordan is the former director of Columbia University’s health education program and his books, apps and presentations have taught stress prevention and reduction skills to everyone from college students and CEOs to police officers and coaches. He is host of The Chill Factory podcast and has a Master’s degree in public health and health education from New York University.

Dr Natalie Lancer

Chartered Coaching Psychologist

Natalie is a Chartered Psychologist and coach, based in London, UK. Her PhD in Psychology, resulted in the formulation of the Eight Tensions which, when constructively navigated, lead to extraordinary psychological growth.

She is hired by the top UK organisations,
including the University of Cambridge, to teach people how to smash their goals and reach new heights, without burning out. 

She is a Trustee of the British Psychological Society and Chair of the Division of Coaching Psychology.

She is the author of multiple books and scientific papers on high performance and growth.