Free Resource: Troubleshoot your PhD

with Dr Natalie Lancer


Does this sound like you?

  • You want your PhD to be an intellectual and joyful journey but it is turning into a disheartening and nauseating slog.
  • You know you can do serious, intellectual work but when it comes to your PhD progress, you feel like a failure.
  • The PhD feels like such an amorphous project. You would love some clear guidance about how many hours you should be working on it per day. Hey, you would love some guidance period.
  • The enormity of the PhD is sapping your motivation. 
  • Your work is disordered and you would love to put some systems in place to boost your productivity and to gain control of your studies…and life.

If so then you are going to want to leverage the advice in my free resource:

 “Troubleshooting your PhD to find the joy in academic writing”.

Drawing on my experience of helping and supporting over 100 PhD students write, I have put together 22 reflections of common problems and issues. Drill down on what is really filling you and many other PhD students with dread and soak up my pragmatic solutions so you can overcome your PhD anxieties.

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