The Action and Traction Programme


  • You want to help your child succeed, but you are unsure of how to go about doing this as your child’s school doesn’t provide a clear map for accessing the world’s top-ranking universities and employers.
  • Your child is bright but you aren’t sure how to help them capitalise on this 
  • You know your child wants to do something big, but just doesn’t know what or how and you don’t know how to help
  • You want to make sure your child impresses the top universities and businesses with their applications
  • Your child is lacking focus as they have a great number of interests and you don’t know how to help narrow them down 
  • The anxiety surrounding your child’s future is starting to be too much

You would love for someone to:

  • Give your child a structure for how to showcase their enormous potential 
  • Guide your child along a tailored step-by-step plan to get them recognised by the top universities and employers  
  • Mentor your child to set them up for a happy, successful life
  • Give your child guidance on what subject will suit them at university 
  • Lift the fog around elite university entrance and get your child on the right path
  • Give your child greater clarity on what they want to do in their life
  • Help your child stand out so they can take the right next step in their life  

You want The Action and Traction Programme 

The Action and Traction Programme is a proven, step-by-step, 11 month online programme to help your child set themselves up for success. It will:

  • Give your child the edge on other candidates and make sure they get noticed by the top universities, organisations and companies for all the right reasons
  • Increase your child’s confidence to develop and express their ideas to university admissions tutors and top employers
  • Make your child be recognised as a forward thinker so they will be snapped up by the top universities and organisations
  • Help your child stand out from their peers who can take a global, outward perspective and make an impact in the service of others.  

Your child’s whole life is affected by landing the university and job of their dreams.  

The Action and Traction Programme will let your child in on how to sparkle in their university and job applications, setting them up for making the most of future career opportunities and to develop into well-adjusted, happy adults

“Natalie, a big thank you for providing all this information. There are so many things that, unless you speak to people in-the-know, you will never find out and when you do it will be too late! Schools simply do not tell you all these things. I know many children who are bright and hardworking that have not got their first choice even with the good grades, simply because they just did not know some of the “tricks”. For me, particularly, has been an eye-opener, I didn’t study in the UK and I am shocked at all the things you need to do before applying.” 

What is The Action and Traction Programme?  

The Action and Traction Programme is an eleven month programme, designed to help your child stand apart from other candidates. They will get noticed by the top universities and organisations for all the right reasons so they can take the most enriching next step in their life and create a future full of opportunities and personal growth.  

Part One: The Big Idea Incubator (September-December 2020)  

First, your child will work on building a personal authentic brand. This will benefit them now and for the rest of the lives as they will get previously unavailable opportunities and the attention of the top universities, organisations and employers. They will be able to use this blueprint anytime they come to a new phase in their life and want to develop further.  

Once they have a good grip on their brand, they will learn how to grow and leverage their ideas. We will work together to find an authentic way for them to become an influencer of their Big Idea - think Malala Yousafzai, Emma Gonzales, ShidenTekle and Mohammed Manan Ansari.  

Full price paypal link (£797) 

Full price instalments (10) of £85

With The Big Idea Incubator, your child will be supported to:

  • Leverage their personal brand in a tailored way.
  • Feel confident about applying to the top universities and employers 
  • Tick the untalked about boxes universities are looking for, especially for subject such as Law, Architecture, Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science and employers 
  • Open doors they didn’t think possible and create their own golden ticket

What’s included with The Big Idea Incubator:

  • A Deep Dive Into Your Child’s Interests and Motivations Your child has had a wealth of experiences but has had very little time to reflect on them and to think about which have been the most significant. We get to the bottom of what makes them tick to find a topic that they would like to focus on. 
  • Dynamic Idea Generation And Review We make sure that no idea is left unturned and decide which one has legs and will have the maximum impact to make admissions tutors’ and hiring professionals’ heads turn. We link this to your child’s subject interests and recommend how to research this subject further. 
  • Format Finder We consider how to convey your child’s ideas most effectively, whether by podcast, documentary, blog, magazine, website or another medium whilst keeping their stand out Signature Project manageable yet challenging  
  • Your Child’s Original Blueprint We painstakingly map out their whole signature project with milestones and deadlines
  • The Action And Traction Programme Workbook The Action and Traction Workbook helps your child break down their signature project and keep all their information in one place
  • Two One-to-one Live Coaching Sessions. There’s nothing quite like having an expert mentor you through each detail of the process. For each of the two sessions, your child will go live with Natalie Lancer, creating their signature project
  • Recordings of the coaching sessions The coaching sessions are gold dust and your child won’t want to miss a word. The sessions are recorded so your child can listen to them over and over again.


Part Two: The Group Mastermind (January- March 2021)

The mastermind is two months of online mentorship (6 sessions) in which your child will get feedback on their signature projects and will give feedback on others. They will accelerate their self-development and their ability to present ideas, challenge others, and take on board feedback. These are the skills the top universities are testing in their interviews. The Group Mastermind will give your child the edge on other candidates as they practise talking about their ideas.


It will involve:

  • Getting their Big Idea off the ground  
  • Receiving user feedback on specific parts of their signature project 
  • Keeping track of impactful emerging ideas and integrating them into their project 
  • Reflecting on their developing ideas: moving forward with the juicy stuff and ditching the not so good stuff
  • Using motivational strategies to keep feeling enthusiastic about their signature project  
  • Gaining confidence in speaking to others about their ideas 


It includes: 

  • 6 live group calls so they can get feedback on their ideas from end users 
  • Idea exchange with other bright children to help your child up their game
  • Accompanying templates for your child to use so they don’t need to worry about forgetting the feedback 
  • A step-by-step guide to giving and receiving constructive feedback


Part Three: Nailing the elevator pitch (May 2021)

Innovators and leaders need to be able to succinctly explain their mission in a way that gets people on board from the word go. When you sign up for The Action and Traction Programme, your child will get private coaching with Natalie Lancer on how to develop their elevator pitch so they can persuade university admissions tutors and hiring professionals that they are enthusiastic about their subject and a great candidate for the course, in a personal statement and interview. 

It will cover:

 • Acing an interview. Your child will gain skills that allow them to discuss their signature project with confidence for universities or future job opportunities.

 • Submitting a standout application. Your child will write the section of the application which uses their signature project to evidence their passion for their dream university subject  

What’s included with Nailing The Elevator Pitch:

• Showcasing The Signature Project In The Personal Statement The personal statement is part of a university or job application which conveys what type of candidate the student is, while demonstrating the student is both interesting and serious about their topic. Showcasing The Signature Project will help your child write a persuasive and stand out piece for the Personal Statement which will give them the edge on other candidates. It’s never too early (or too late!) to start your Personal Statement. Your child will actually write a paragraph (or two!) which will be able to be copy and pasted into any application.

• Speaking With Confidence Practising speaking with adults about ideas they are passionate about is key to acing university or job interviews. Speaking With Confidence will give your child the time and space to develop their ‘elevator pitch’. In other words, they will learn how to get across the most important points about their signature project. Your child will make a recording of themselves talking about their project which they can then listen to and practise nearer the time of their interview. Your child will have the tools to shine in their interview to ensure their application gets to the ‘yes’ pile.  

"One to one conversation with Natalie is a game changer – might make the difference between getting in and not"

Who is The Action and Traction Programme for?  

The Action and Traction programme is best for children who:  

  • Will be in Years 10-12 in September 2020.
  • Are high-achieving students aiming to apply for Russell Group universities including Oxford or Cambridge (any subject) or to apply for Medicine, Dentistry, Law, Engineering or Architecture at any university  
  • Are dreaming about attending a top university but don’t have a game plan 
  • Want to maximise their chances of their personal statement and interviews having a positive impact on admissions tutors.

 The Action and Traction Programme will showcase your child’s potential to the gatekeepers of your child’s dreams.

Meet Your Expert 

Natalie Lancer is an Oxford Graduate. She knows how getting into your dream university dream job can set you on the right path for life.  

She is a former secondary school teacher and Assistant Head. She was the Director of Higher Education at Immanuel College for many years and has been advising students and parents on how to get into top universities including Oxford and Cambridge as well as top subjects like Medicine, Law, Economics, and Veterinary Science since 2010. She’s published two books: Getting into Oxford and Cambridge and Techniques for Coaching and Mentoring. 

"I am so glad we are doing this. Love the way you tease out information and answers. I know this whole exercise will help him gather his thoughts and think of his future. Thumbs up from me".


  • When will the one-to-one sessions and Group Mastermind happen? 

You will be asked to book your child’s first two one-to-one sessions (The Big Idea Incubator) with Natalie which take place between September and December 2020. The Group Mastermind will run over six sessions from January to March 2021 on Mondays at 7pm. You will then be prompted to book The Nailing The Elevator Pitch one-to-one session which will take place between May and August 2021. Simply email her at to set up your appointment.

  • How long does my child have access to the material?

The course is 11 months long and all sessions will take place within the 11 months. When you sign up for The Action and Traction Programme, you will be sent the Action and Traction Workbook by post straight away. Your child can keep the workbook, the recordings from their one-to-one sessions and of course, their Signature Project forever. 

  • What if my child can’t make the sessions?

As long as you give Natalie 48 hours’ notice, the one-to-one sessions can be rescheduled. The Group Mastermind sessions are fixed as they involve other students. Life is busy and your child may well have to miss one or two of the group sessions. However, please note, the group sessions will not be recorded. Of course, to get the most out of the programme, it is best if your child attends all or most sessions. 

  • Do you have a payment plan?

You bet. You can sign up for a 10 month payment plan for The Action and Traction Programme here. 

  • This looks great but we need HELP. Will you look over everything and tell my child what to do?

Of course! When you sign up for The Action and Traction Programme your child will get three hours of 1:1 time with Natalie. She will be guiding your child step by step through the whole programme to make sure your child’s application stands out. 

  • Can we get more private coaching? - We’re going to need it. 

Yes. The Action and Traction Programme will make sure your child gets noticed by the top universities and employers for all the right reasons. These applications are crucial in your child’s life. You want all the 1:1 help you can get. Once you’ve registered for The Action and Traction Programme, you’ll be given a link to set up further 1:1, paid coaching time if you feel you need it to use however you like. 

  • Need coaching on choosing the right A-levels and extra-curricular activities to help your child get into a top university?  
  • Desperate for Natalie’s feedback on Personal Statement ideas? 
  • Want Natalie to give your child a mock interview? 
  • Natalie’s bespoke support will give you the answers you need to move forward with confidence and help your child attain their goals. 

Full price paypal link (£797)

Full price instalments (10) of £85

To build a solid personal statement for university applications, we need to plan, channel and showcase the interests of our children. The Action and Traction Programme will ensure that your child is on track to explore their interests, around which, later they can weave a personal statement story. This cannot be done last minute and has to be planned properly. The Action and Traction Programme will ensure that precious time is not wasted in the initial years. Natalie, an experienced coach, teacher and university expert, will guide your child and give them the confidence to undertake a project to share with the community. She will help spark your child's thoughts and ideas to achieve some concrete and outstanding goals, which will impress universities and top employers.